Monday, March 26, 2012

Okay, first, gotta say I'm dealing with an ear infection here so no outfit posts for now. (It's mild, but still, no school, no work, just tons of "Aaaaauch")
But, in my defence, I wanted to do this post for some time now and finally got the time to go over some of the photos I gathered and fill the collection in order to post everything here.
I was wondering whether I should do a collage or just post the photos and surprise surprise (this one actually is) I decided to just post them, no collages, so you can slowly soak up the glam. I am gonna do more of prom inspiration posts in the future as I see a lot of my readers are around my age, so hey, that many more dresses can't hurt, huh? 

Now you're probably wondering what am I going to wear to my prom. (Which is soon) (And no, I don't have a dress yet) (From all the things I have to buy - dress, belt, shoes and clutch, I only have the belt and I am working on the clutch) (Well, kind of working) (Okay, I'll explain that later) 
Well, I have no intention what so ever of telling you what I'll be wearing. I can only tell you the colors. But not today. (Mostly because I still haven't figured out which color I want my shoes to be) (I am really biased when it comes to glitter & green so it's kind of hard to give anything else a chance) 
I can only tell you that in the beginning of the whole prom process I had a brilliant (which turned out not to be so brilliant after all) thought. One day I woke up and figured "I'm gonna suit up!" (Barney Stinson style)
In my mind the suit was white (I think I still have a photo saved in one of my thirty thousand folders in a folder called "Photographs") (It's quite fascinating actually, my room looks terrible, really terrible, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my computer and everything is very well organized) (I freak out when I see someone has a full inbox of unread messages on FB, it's disgusting)
I don't really know why I ditched the whole suit idea after all. Maybe it was the heat. (In the middle of winter, I'm wearing only a sweater, to me it's always ten degrees warmer) But I think it was just that I wanted to look at the photos in ten years and remember how I looked like a princess, not a dude. (Not literally, but you get the whole point) 
Or, and I think this was the real reason, it was that moment when I saw my future dress coming down the runway that changed my mind. (Here's your hint, it's gonna be my vision of a designer dress) 

I think this is enough for now because:
a) my ear is killin' me
b) I am taking this whole talking-too-much thing on a whole new level;
so just to explain the photos - for me the prom is a special event which is all about dressing up and I look at it as a reward for all the hard work we are putting into finishing this damn final year. So in all the breaks in-between study sessions I tend to sneak a peek at all the sites that inspire me - from internet shops to quite obvious like & magazines. Ohhh, all the talking got me so exciting again, I hope you enjoy all the glam & the bling... 

(sources:, fashiongonerogue, tumblr, this is glamorous, pinterest)


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