Look of the day: YELLOW PANTS

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I can't believe I haven't talked to you about my yellow pants yet!! They are my favourite from all the pairs in my closet... (Up till now you've probably figured I love my clothes too much) (So everything's my favourite) (But these pants are above my favourites...) (They are über) (Yeah, über pants)
I already know this will become some sort of an uniform for the next couple of months for me... For days like today and most of the spring, I will wear them with a shirt and these ankle boots, and when the heat comes, I'm gonna choose some wedges and a simple white T-shirt instead. (When I think this way, the summer doesn't seem so bad at all) 
Also, they are great because I can wear them as 3/4 length pants so they could be easily worn with sneakers, too. (I'm thinking Converse) 
Okay, I don't know why I'm still here - I really have to study (It's actually sad how disorganized I am) (Every time I have to study I: 1) remember a film I desperately need to watch RIGHT NOW; 2) get reeeaaaaaaaaaaaally sleepy; 3) realize that cleaning my room isn't such a bad idea!!) (So yeah, I really need to study because I have two really big tests tomorrow and one of them is maths)(And no, none of this options is even open for discussion, that's how screwed I am right now...) (Why am I still talking?!)


Ohhhhhh, sorry!! You want to know what I'm wearing, right?!
H&M shirt, Mustang pants, 3Suisses baseball jacket, Aldo ankle boots, Accessorize bag (embelished by me), Casio watch, Ray Ban sunnies

One special Thank you goes to Dora, Maja, Ina & Barbara - I don't even know how to thank you enough. Love you. 

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