Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ohhh, this is one of those "first" posts... This is the first time ever I'm showing you a look I've not yet worn - I'm wearing it tonight to a birthday party.

Yesterday, I totally freaked out because I couldn't figure out what to wear tomorrow. (Well, it's today's today, but yesterday's tomorrow) (Got it? No? Me neither. But it's true)
Btw, that happens on regular basis, I'm attending some event and just like that - BAM! WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR?!!!
I went through my closet in my mind (Ask my friends, really funny to watch) (This time it was even funnier because I was drinking soda with a straw and I was looking like a kid trying to remember where she put her toys) (Well, clothes are my toys so...) and couldn't find a damn thing that would satisfy my needs.
And then I got home, made myself a cup of coffee and stood in front of my closet and solved the puzzle. Actually, the items I'm wearing all have great stories attached to them...

So, I guess you should hear at least one!!
The leather skirt was bough in Malta. We had the whole afternoon free so me and my friends decided to go and find a shopping street worth spending money in... (It was day three or four of our stay there and we still haven't bought anything... for me it was the first time ever I guess) So we found Topshop. And at first I didn't even see the skirt, instead I fell in love with leopard print heels. But, it turned out my size wasn't avaliable. (Which left me heartbroken) (& I decided to find something that would comfort me - it turned out to be this skirt) In the end, my friend found her perfect shoes there, she spent too much of her money on that single thing and we were almost ran over by a bus. Ahhh, I miss Malta. (But I sure don't miss the heat, I've never been anywhere where it was that hot)

Trench coat by me, Tom Tailor leather belt, Zara heels, Topshop leather skirt, H&M top, Accessorize earrings, vintage bag 


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