Look of the day: BASEBALL JACKET

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Every season there are trends set by big fashion houses - I never foolishly follow them all. (Too much effor) (& way too much money spent on clothing that will be worn for only a season) Instead, I choose a few I like the most (like the most means when I look at Elle UK Collections for no. 556 time and still drool over a certain trend) and try to find a piece or two which suit me the best. 
This year those trends are.... (Drumroll!!)
The baseball jacket

Okay, I shall explain. (You're probably wondering where are the pastel colors) (I know you are)
The baseball jacket, I have loved it since the first time I saw it. For me it says "I'm young, I'm foolish, let's have fun. No worries." Perfect for the last months of the final year in high school. (Just the right attitude) (Or NOT)
Neon... I just love love love green. And yellow. And apples. And apples remind me of neon. And I love neon lights. And I have loved neon 3 times more since I saw the Cambridge satchels in neon. 
Minimalism... Okay, this one is still in progress because I still haven't figured out how not to put at least 20 things on my body in the morning and be minimalistic. So I leave that for the future. (Hopefully...)

I'm not particularly fond of the pastels... Don't know why. I get why everyone's crazy about them (You can be a little innocent girl again and all that) (Maybe that's the reason I'm not so into the whole thing... Hmmm?!) & I really LOVE mint, but am not quite sure it suits me. I shall stick to seeing pastels on people and saying how pretty they look. But wearing is not an option. 

Okay, I forgot prints, but I'm always super into prints so that doesn't count as a trend. I'm always loving prints, just like Anna Dello Russo. (& just like her, I also love the enormous cherry-shaped headbands... super amazing!!)

And you know what?
One of the things I haven't realized about the baseball jacket until the moment until I first held it in my hands is that it's so so so versatile. For example, who would think this gold Zara sweater could look so cool? Ohhhhhhhh and did you see the polka dot lining in the last photo?! Perfection!!

3Suisses baseball jacket, Zara knit sweater, Benetton shorts, Zara boots, Dorothy Perkins bag, Citizen watch, Ray Ban sunnies


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