Look of the day: FLORAL JACKET

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When I think of spring, my first association somehow are flowers. Not in the regular style - you know, a bouquet of pretty somethings (I only know how tulips and roses look like, so no, I'm not a flower type of girl) (And just so you know, I'd always choose tulips) (And if the previous statement didn't disappoint you enough, I'd choose dark purple ones) (With every post I realize a bit more how impeccably classy I am!!), but in terms of clothing and colors which are so much prettier in the spring. Yeah, yeah, it's always nice to see a bright pink coat in the middle of the winter (Hint hint hint: ME ME ME), but if you think color - you think spring and summer. 
And when I think color, I always think the floral pieces in my closet. Okay, there is not much of them there, but I love how special they feel when I put them on... So, in this post I'm featuring my favourite jacket which I bought in London sometime ago - I love wearing black with it.

H&M jacket, Zara top, shorts by me, Aldo bag & shoes, Accessorize earrings, Ray Ban sunnies


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