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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yesterday I stummbled upon a photo of a Italian wedding - the bride wore a Valentino, and the groom Prada. My mind exploded with joy, excitement and "I wanna" thoughts all at once.  And so yet another obsession was born. 

I don't know what kind of bride I wanna be - I did a little research and found out there happens to be a term "boho bride" among others. I closed the page immediately.
Too much information. 
I thought a bride was a bride - okay, some love it classic, some a little bit modern. But you still have a wedding - rings, bouquets, pretty invitations, confetti/rice, gorgeous wedding dress... I try to picture it boho, but I just can't. Do they play The Killers instead of Sting for the first dance? Where does it happen? Are there bridesmaids?

Cause if there are no bridesmaids and a big fat gown - no no no no no.
Too much information.

Ohhh I'll have to think about it. Everything.
What about you?


(photo sources: tumblr, google images, fgr, facebook, bohoweddingsandevents blog)

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