Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My birthday is a week from today - which means all I think about is my birthday and all things birthday-related.  I still can't believe it's just seven days away, I remember thinking how I'll never turn 18, not in a million years, and look at me now, all grown up. Yeah, apparently I am supposed to be ;)
As I'm totally daydreaming 24/7 the last two days and also totally having a really nasty cold (means: I look/feel/sometimes act like a crazy mammal and sleep too much) I just gathered all the photos that sum up the perfect birthday for me - some crazy obvious and some just so pretty they fit so much to one's birthday.
We can all dream a little, huh? And in a week I'll have my day of the year when I'll be a princess for a day. You only turn 18 once!!


What's your favourite birthday memory??

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