Look of the day: TURTLENECK DRESS

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I think I owe you an outfit post, right? Although my birthday is in less than five days, I restrained myself from doing yet another birthday post. (Even though you know I only think about that and nothing except that) (Ahhh, so excited!!)

It was extremely cold today (as you can tell looking at my nose) (Rudolph style) (& yet still no snow) (& it's totally pointeless to have people freezing if there's nothing white and sparkly to look at) so I had a chance to wear my new created-by-me coat which I wore with an H&M dress (it's ancient, one of my dearest things I bought while travelling), a necklace by me, vintage earrings, H&M bag and 3suisses booties. 

Ohhh yeah, and I promise, when I'm 18, I'll totally be better at posing. (Or I'll just shoot my shoes/other people/anything else other than myself) 

Till tommorow, when it'll be 3 days until my birthday!!


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