Look of the day: REFLECTION

Monday, March 4, 2013

I had my doubts concerning how this 'city' outfit will look captured in the center of wilderness right in the heart of Zagreb, park Maksimir.
But looking at the photos now, I actually feel the vibe and the light in the photos is really great.
Also, my hair's curly here, not something you get to see every day!
This is my typical go-to outfit when I have both work and uni in the same day. My friends always make fun of how I have 10 pairs of shorts for winter time, while in summer I barely wear them at all.  

 *This last one is my favourite

Oh, and I'm wearing:
Zara jacket, Bershka shirt (I got it for my bday, I have to show you the back, it's gorgeous), tailored shorts, Humanic boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, DIY necklaces + the Eiffel tower one is from Rings and Tings



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