Thursday, December 6, 2012

When you hair is so short it cannot be shorter for as long as mine has been, it leaves you wanting to experiment with everything there is somehow connected to hairdos - different styles, products, hairdyes, even bobby pins are so much fun to pick when you come into drugstores. 
The only problem is you gotta wait a long time for it to grow to a lenght where you can actually do something with it. So you wait.
... (for months)
And then one day you're done with waiting and browse Youtube and other magical places on the internet like a maniac riding only on M&Ms to find out that, amazingly, there are several perfectly easy-to-do-but-yet-still-pretty hairstyles you can actually DIY.
Okay, it's still early for braids, but if your hair is of medium lenght (Is this even the right expression?!) (This hair stuff is complicated, no wonder I cut it off at some point) these three pics can serve as a guide.
If I was able to do these all by myself (And I'm as far from a pedant person as anyone) than further explanations are absolutely redundant.


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