Fragments: INDIE KID

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Today I woke up to a snowstorm.
Which means that: 
#1 I'm happy as a kid who is for the first time reading Harry Potter
#2 I have no idea how to take photos outside (you know, because my camera will die as it's snowing like maaaad!)
#3 You get fragments of my look I have chosen fondly over the last month when it was still fairly warm 
#4 As soon as I finish this I'm gonna go build a snowman and get into a snowfight and there will probably be more snow activites (I'll tell you the details and show you photos soon!)

(I just realized that the number on my shirt is 94 and I was born in the winter of '94. Oh happy coincidences!)

H&M shirt, 3 Suisses baseball jacket, Gap jeans, H&M, Asos and DIY friendship bracelets, vintage silver & leather necklace 


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