Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For those of you already thinking how rude I am - let's not forget:
n. Informal
Something made or done rapidly.

Today was an from-eight-to-eight kind of day where I managed to listen to quite a few lectures, arrange a few extras to be able to attend, travel to every part of Zagreb imaginable and not collapse in the process.
Today was a kind of day where it's only logical every little thing goes at least partly wrong, you know - just to make it interesting.  (Not at all related but: I am a firm believer in karma so it's only a matter of asking who did I make so angry in my past life?)  
I perfected the whole smudged mascara look cause of my all-of-a-sudden teary eyes, tripped more times than I can count and at this point, I think drove myself into a state of severe dehydration as I only drank maybe three of those little boxy-shaped juices all day. Also, I think I may be coming down with a cold. 
There's only one conclusion for today - the dog days are over.

Mango collection jeans, S'Oliver pullover, Tom Tailor parka, H&M bag, Converse


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