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Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is a totally random so inspired post. One I will try to write in under an hour so I can watch Masterchef and my PMS's kicking in so food's always had a good nerve calming effect, even when it's virtual.
Why am I even telling you this? Oh yeah, it's that college means rain and rain means boredom and boredom means lack of creativity and lack of creativity means I kinda look like a nerd most of the time in my well-paired blazer & jeans combo. A chic nerd, I try to be, but still - nerds are nerds.
My life's pretty much a mish mash of everything and anything as I'm trying to establish myself in this new weird arena where I'm actually required to study and all of my friends are so busy I see them as much as when I'm out of the country. So for now (read: until the weekend when I'll make a robot to take my photos if necessary) this totally you'll-find-here-everything-you-need-right-now post will do.
Totally related to the post: I kind of realized I wanted to show you my obsessions with #1 jumpers, #2 cool jeans, and so unexpected #3 boots (shooooooes!!) while I was shopping with my mom a few days ago. When we were driving home, I told her: 'See, I totally grew up. Not a single dress in these bags. You proud?' (She was, that was a first)

And, just a quick but big thank you to all of you who left comments on the latest post. No, actually, to all who leave comments. Period.
You are all so amazing, and today I was going through a few last posts and realized how opinions differ amongst you, how appreciative you all are and how a lot of you click on every single post and leave adorable messages. Thank you thank you thank you x million.


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