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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lemme tell ya something (this ghetto talk totally suits my today's shoot location) (so Imma use it) (yeah, your heard me) - okay, now serious. Today was not a really good day for me. To be realistic, it sucked. Big time.
My horoscope has been - hmmm, not positive - for, well,  a while now and somehow (although I never really believed in that stuff) it's so accurate for the last month or so that, whether I want to admit it or not (and I don't) - there is something in the position of stars that got us Aquarius' stuck in an on repeat bad mood kinda thing and whoever writes that bloody thing every day for a certain application of a certain book of faces writes it all like it is. (Am I making sense? No? Good. Today's the day)
When these photos were shot, I actually experienced only half of the drama for my day so I was a little bit happier than I am right now so the photos, in my modest totally non-biased opinion look kinda good. (Aaaand I'm writing like a psycho non-educated maniac)
Okay. To make it simple - I had planned a lovely trip that fell through. I'm heartbroken. Let's all raise our glasses for better times.

Pull and Bear shirt, skirt by me, Tommy Hilfiger heels, H&M bag, Benetton blazer, H&M jewelry, Casio watch, Ray Ban sunnies


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