Saturday, September 15, 2012

It was the month of March when I saw brocade pieces walking down the runway in city after city throughout every of four fashion weeks that my heart went boooom-booom-booom! of excitement, and now - when I'm browsing my favourite online shops planning what to buy for my perfect fall wardrobe it seems like a dream come true. I admit, there are lots of trends that are, let's say it this way, my weakness. For example glitter - give me anything shiny and I'll be blinging from happiness like a child that's given candy before dinner.
But this one's special. You do not need to be a fashionista to realize that, and you most certainly can wear it even if your level of confidence isn't the same as Anna Dello Russo's.
Brocade can be subtle - take a great brocade black coat and pair it with dark jeans, it can also be gothic - just accessorize with some fur and add a dark lipstick, and it can as well be rock and roll - leather jacket + a brocade skirt? You'll be breaking a few hearts on the way, too.

Designer pieces can be found on every site, and the prices, just like the details on the garments are pretty spicy, too. The highstreet houses don't really offer that much (try Asos, they are fierce), but I think it's only cause fall is yet to hit us. And then, the flood will come. You'll see. 


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