Fashionista crush: ERIKA BEARMAN

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Erika Bearman aka OscarPRGirl is the first person I started following on Twitter. A 29-year-old director of communications has it all.
What makes her the perfect Oscar de la Renta girl is her love for ballgown skirts (and who does these better than Oscar?!), her natural beauty and the ability to tweet, pin and post on Tumblr, FB and Instagram almost non-stop. Since 2010 she tweeted more than 10,000 times and what makes the whole thing interesting - she doesn't really keep her distance, but introduces herself personally while always representing the brand at its best. What I love most about the whole idea is the time of fashion week when all the stalkers get the inside scoop of the collection that is yet to be shown to the creme de la creme of fashion world. 
She's the ultimate girl to look up to for all those younger than 25, and just the girl who just might make you want to quit your day job if you're a bit older.

But enough about my blabing about her - she's very well able to blab herself. (+ collages ;)

@OscarPRGirl: excuse me while I make this important call about a bikini
or a real one. "@sartorialgirl: always wear your invisible crown."

@OscarPRGirl: home is where your clothes are.

@OscarPRGirl: I'm under the impression that if you like your outfit you can pretty much tackle anything.
@OscarPRGirl: there is no known cure for the fashion obsessed.

@OscarPRGirl: honestly if you can't wear a sequin bandeau I don't want to go.
@OscarPRGirl: do I have a dog? I don't even have a plant.
@OscarPRGirl: Oscar is playing bridge. he is going to call me back.

(sources: Oscar de la Renta FB, OscarPRGirl Tumblr and Instagram)


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