Fashionista crush: MR. WOOSTER

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It seems like ages ago when I first visited Jak & Jil site and saw all the outrageous, crazy expensive and well tailored outfits that overflowed the site. What got me so interested wasn't the details which a lot of people point out when talking about Tomy Ton's images, but his interest for uomo fashion. When looking at the site, the purest images for me were the ones which were showing men, and the rawest, most masculine of them all was Nick Wooster.
Many times in life I found myself completely in love with a certain celebrity (khm khm Ryan Gosling) (khm khm khm Manuel Neuer) but that was the first time that I actually had a crush on a fashion guy. Before that, all the guys I had found interesting at some point completely disappointed me when they crossed the line and went too feminine, but not mr. Wooster. Actually, it's the complete opposite - you cannot find anyone looking tougher than him, not even when he's wearing baby pink patched suit. 
Some may say it's the muscles that give him that aura of an alpha male, but I think it's minimalism, great tailoring and smartness mixed with charisma. 

'Once you have the essentials (like fit, color coordination, confidence, etc) mastered, then you can become a man of great detail. I’m talking about things like a bandana as a pocket square, cargo shorts with a jacket and tie, a military inspired belt paired with camo, mismatched captoe/wingtip brogues, and an old school mustache curl to coincide with the unbuttoned collar point curl.'
Women, as well as men, can learn a lot from him. I loved how he brought the whole idea of wearing shorts to a whole new level. (Before, all you could see on the street were those sad-looking Hawaii shorts)

In one of many interviews he has given, he defined the modern gentleman as a man with great manners and a great taste. Gotta admit, I am crazy about the fact that he's not at all running away from that definition himself.

I suppose I got you hooked? 


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