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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have a few things to talk to you about, but first let me again apologise for being away a lot. It's killing me to have to do it and I can't wait for the summer to start to shoot all day every day, and just do something I really enjoy. (Cause I sure as hell don't enjoy this insane pressure)

So, I finished high school on Friday, we had a big party that lasted all day and for some all night. (I couldn't walk any more at about 10pm so I just went home and slept for 18 hours straight) 
I can't believe it's really over - I've been talking about it with my friends for six months or so and the conclusion always has been "We still got time". And on Friday we all became aware that this huge part of our lives is over. I don't know whether I'm excited (you know, to be able to sleep and stuff + this summer's gonna be the longest up till now) or totally freaked out (my finals start on Wednesday) or sad because of all the people that made my four years in high school a beautiful experience. I met some of my best friends there - two of which sat next to me for the last four years. I will definitely miss grabbing coffee after school, flipping through pages of Vogue during certain classes, constantly laughing at someone or something, frenemies... You know, all those little things that make life great.
To my classmates - I know you're reading this - I love you all.

Now about the dress. I know you want to know about the dress. It was actually a gift from my dad who took me shopping last week to relax a bit. (I also got a beautiful parka I'll show you really soon!)
It was the first thing I grabbed when I entered the store, I have a special radar for pink stuff and you've already seen how much I love long dresses - so there you have it, pure magic.
I decided to play in photoshop to get a certain retro soft look. Love all the blue shades in the photos!

Esprit dress, Repetto ballet flats, vintage jewerly, Ray Ban sunnies, H&M bag


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