Look of the day: PINK & ORANGE

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm crazy about orange and pink this season. I was even considering wearing a pink dress combined with an orange lipstick to my prom for a while. (I'm only telling you this because I was considering it which means I am not any more) (So no, you still don't know what I'm gonna wear ;))
Also, I'm crazy about sequins (but you all know that already) and on Saturday I had a perfect opportunity to finally go out wearing these three things. (+ I wore pants) (= a really big deal)

The photos were taken in a last minute rush before I strolled down the street in my Topshop heels because I have soooooo much to do (and even more to do in the next month!!) because my finals are in a month or so and it's the end of the school year which is always hectic (at least in Croatia) (& at least when you're trying to get into college)
I really hope to surprise you this week with a really great photoshoot, if everything turnes out fine and the weather starts behaving. (We shall all act as if it were a surprise when it happens)
Until then, wish me luck.

The oh-so-perfect sequined Sugarlips top, Mango Collections printed snakeskin jeans, Topshop heels, H&M bag, Topshop ring, vintage bracelets and necklace


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