Look of the day: THE TRENCH

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I adore trenches. They always reminded me of CSI, but not in Miami, but for example in Sweden where it's always cold. (Just so you know, one day I'll live in Sweden and it's gonna be awesome) (Or is maybe FBI a better association?) (Okay, let's just go with MI5 and Johnny English) (Or is that MI7?) 
I searched for an ideal one for ages because with classics like that I can't settle for less than perfect. (It's kind of like with a man, when you find the perfect one, you instantly think - He's a keeper)
And just like with men, I could not find the one that would fit my criteria, so I had it made. (I wish it were a possibility with men) (Drama... booom! No drama!)
I love when garnments have stories attached to them... you know, when you open your closet and see a dress you bought last winter in Budapest, necklace your mum brought your from Greece etc. (That's why I never buy postcards and souvenirs, who needs them when you have bags and shoes?)
So, to continue this music of words in the same key, I had the dress I'm wearing made also. Why, you ask me? Well, didn't you understand the whole story I had just finished telling you? (Although, this dress is kind of an opposite of my above-mentioned theory) (Because it's red) (And read equals boom chicka wow wow)(And that does not equal no drama) (But overall, you get the point) (I really hope you do)
And now, at the end, I'm gonna let you see me looking all Horatio Caine meets Johnny English. 
See?! Boom chicka wow wow!! 


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