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Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't believe I'm saying this but this post is actually gonna be about someone else. (It's probably the first and the last one, just so you know - don't get your hopes up)

As you must have noticed, I have a new pretty header with an illustration of me. (I look quite adorable, don't I?) 
It was made by lovely Lina Carrillo,  Melbourne based fashion illustrator and designer, who I, I have to admit, adore.
Seriously, it is easy to adore all these fashionistas around the world with all their money and glory and a bunch of people behind them, but it is another thing to really apreciate and admire the work of another blogger, who is, just like me, doing what she likes and shares it with the world.
As you all know, it's never easy to show your soul to the world just like that, and it is especially hard now when everything is accessible at a click of a mouse. Illustration is, to me, one of favourite ways to show how pretty the world actually is - and when I find someone who can so realistically and amazingly draw real life beauty, I'm so amazed and inspired. (And I always want to start going to an illustration class, although I couldn't draw even if I'm held at a gunpoint) (Seriously, smiley sun is my limit) 
With these words of wisdom I'm gonna finish this, if I don't stop now, never-ending novel about art and fashion and all things related.
Now look look look at my collage (don't you just love me for doing them every day?) (I can't help myself, they are so pretty!) and then click click click 

and then leave a comment and tell me which illustration is your favourite and how amazing Lina is.


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