Fashionista crush: FAN BINGBING

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sooooo, I have news.
I fell in love, again!! (Now you're thinking - OMG, she got engaged) (Or something like that) (Well, no, I did not) (If I did, there would be just the photo of the ring so you could be jelaous, ha!)
To put you out of your misery, it's another fashionista crush. (If I were any of my fashionista crushes, I would hire a body guard) (Seriously, so much love in tha room!!) (Yeah, I've gone gangsta)
I think one day somebody will have to put me into some kind of institution which deals with obsessions & crushes. I don't even know if that's possible, but I kind of think I need it.

Today, it's a Chinese actress and singer, Fan Bing Bing. (Just so you know, this post, as all the before and after this one is not really about someone I'm talking about, this time Fan Bing Bing, but actually me and how much I love asian culture - especially japanese and chinese - I mean, who doesn't want to get lost in the streets of Tokyo or sleep on the Great Wall of China?) 
I have another crush - but I think you've all kind of realized this one already - collages.
I mean, how awesome are they? So pretty, with that shiny white background... (I gotta find myself a man, this is just wrong) And one of many flaws of Croatian education system is that we don't get to make any collages. So I get to (instead of studying phylosophy) make some for you.

as promised:







(photo credit: tumblr, google images, facebook fan page, zimbio, tfs)

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