Look of the day: SPINNING

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a fair warning - there will be so much of me in this post you won't be able to believe it.
I kind of had some time today to just play with my camera a little and than I took it all to Photoshop. (This sounds so professional) (Fake it 'till you make it!!)
You finally get to experience three things today:
1) You see me in my all-time favourite colour - green. (Which is also the colour of my eyes) (But you can't really see that in the photos) (Cause I look like Voldemort with a nose) (Sorry, my photoshop skills only go so far) (It's better for me not to know how to use photoshop - everyone would have pink hair) (And no one would let me take their photos any more) (Cause in the end they would have pink hair) (And it seems that sounds like a great idea only to me)
2) You get to see my hair on its decent-looking day (If I had pink hair, I think my hair would always look decent) 
3) You get to read a post without so much of my blabering about unrelated topics (Yeah, I guess you can forget about that)

(I'll just leave you with many many many versions of me while I figure out what this post was initially all about)

Dress and cardigan by H&M, tights by Calzedonia, booties by 3Suisses, jewelry is vintage, clutch is by me


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