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Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is how my day usually passes (in normal speed, this is just a regular normally normal speed for me aka Speedy) (and this is when Speedy has school in the afternoon or better be said - evening since it's so dark at 6ish):
midnight - ohhhh, what am I gonna wear tomorrow? is it going to be insanely hot again? who cares, I'm wearing knitwear tomorrow
8am - f%&$!! already?! 
8.30am - double f%&$!! shower - 2 to five falls in the shower - 1 to three from the way back to my room - clothes - coffee - think about my gold knit sweater 
9.00am - email - blog- blog - email - fall asleep - dream about knitwear
9.30am - saying to herself: you stupid idiot, why didn't you go to sleep earlier? - hungry - jeans with a knit?
10am - Speedy's time for lunch - no no no, no jeans, no no
10.10am - don't feel like cooking - homework - study - maybe a skirt?
11.30am - what to wear what to wear what to wear?! ohh yeah, knitwear!! 
12.00pm - it's Sahara outside - cursing everything there is from human race to existence of sweat
12.30pm - sweaty, nowhere near fabulous looking 
1.00pm - school - still sweating - now looking even less fabulous 
9.00pm - sipping martinis with friends - partly sleeping - dreaming about winter and knits all over me
11.00pm - hate is nothing compared to what I think about knitwear and this stupid weather today 
12.00pm - in bed - what am I going to wear? hmmmm...denim and knitwear?! score!! 

Oh, and talking about knitwear...
I couldn't resist pairing this black&white dress with a pair of my new leopard shoes - see, classic with a twist!!

Dress - Zara, shoes - La Redoute, bag - H&M, jacket - by me, watch - Guess, sunnies - Ray Ban

How was your day today?


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