Friday, March 15, 2013

 To continue in a sort of unexpected mode (yeah, I did get sick of all the pro forma outfit posts), I realized I haven't shared anything from my little treasure chest with you for a while now. (Does that make sense? No?)
To put it quite simply... let me share some of my favourite jewelry lately with you. I realized I missed shooting in general tons so I played with glitter hearts on a galaxy-esque surface. (Which is actually our kitchen counter, but that can be our little secret, shhhh...)

Maybe the reason why I'm desperately in love with these pieces (apart from the fact that they are, let's be not so modest, awesome) is that all of them were presents.
And jewelry is the best present a girl could get. (If you somehow forget about ummm... clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes)

The bracelets and the little camera earrings were gifts for my birthday. The Aztec earrings are from Fifth and Orient  while the rings are from Rings and tings.


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