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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I was thinking of putting the blog content in some order for a while now but had a though time making up my mind about what I wanted to do. If I start explaining we won't come far so I won't ever try. (That's probably the first time I refused to tell you everything about everything here on the blog!)
So, what you really need to know is that I decided to do some features here on the blog regularly.
Outfit posts will be run as usual whenever I have the time or the need to post them, so there will be no changes there, but I will post some other things as well and you'll find out about these as we go. 
Today I'll introduce you to INSPO posts that will be published every Tuesday... 
I've done them already and you can click on the inspiration label underneath the title to see all of them, but I decided to do one each week as they are much appreciated and as I love to do those as well.

So, for an ice breaker, I decided tattoos should be it.
I don't have a tattoo folder on my computer but have tons of photos liked on several platforms and already know which ones are my favourites so why not show them to you? 
I am a fan of small tattoos, either a symbol or a word (maybe even a short quote) placed on the arm or around the neck. Something far from generic, that you can fully explain only to certain people. 

Where do you stand on tattoos?


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