Thursday, December 27, 2012

A new year is coming in four days and it would be such a shame not to look back at some of the most beautiful moments that happened on the streets of our four favourite cities in the world. I won't give you a list of trends that occupied our minds (and wallets) or say who was the best or worst dressed - there will be plenty of sites and magazines offering you info on that.
Instead, I'll be totally biased as always and show you some of the girls that made my heart sparkle a little more during the fashion year of twenty-twelve.

Elena Perminova. Miroslava Duma. Rumi Neely. Leigh Lazark. Natasha Goldenberg. Caroline Issa.

Elena Perminova
aka the russian bon bon who delights me with her immaculate taste and almost-always amazingly brave choices

Miroslava Duma

her petite frame allows her to wear everything and anything

Neli Rumi

one of my favourite bloggers - her simple looks amaze me

Leigh Lezark
rock n roll + love her hair

Natasha Goldenberg
a new star on the fashion sky

Caroline Issa
'If Chanel made management consultants, they would look like Issa.' (the Telegraph)

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