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Thursday, December 20, 2012

To continue in the Christmas mode from the last post (my holidays just started today, I'm so happy ohhhh) (Or better said HO HO HO) let's sparkle it up a bit, huh? (Okay, I don't know if this is even a verb/phrase/something but since it's Christmas in 5 days I can be a little foolish)
If I asked you about where I took these photos, would you say outside or inside? I would say somewhere outside. Somewhere so cool.
And actually it's inside. In my apartment. (Hah! I have a cool apartement!)
To talk a little more totally unrelated to anything - can't wait to go home on Saturday and start baking cakes and I decided to do a little DIY project with my Christmas ornaments. Yay! 
Okay, what else? Oh yeah, Christmas is somehow in my mind linked to:
#1 color red
#2 sparkles (but everything in my life is somehow linked to that so yeah)
#3 movieeees!
So that should be enough of an explanation for the photos, right? :)

Ohhhhh and I wanted to ask you a really important question! - Last Christmas (my second WLL Christmas, this is so cute!) I asked you about your favourite traditions. 
This year I ask you about what your favourite movies to watch around Christmas are. (Everyone who says Harry Potter gets extra points)

Oh, I almost forgot:
the sweater (which is my no.1 choice for NYE at the moment, it's just oh-so-magical) is Chicnova, earrings are vintage, bracelet is from H&M and heels are from Zara 


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