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Monday, November 19, 2012

First things first - tomorrow is kind of a crucial day (Exam) (Oh, no, pardon me, exams) for me so let's all pray that it ends well. Thanks.

And now, let's get down to business: I had this idea about calling this look 'Alice in Wonderland' but I figured, although the venue was perfect and the amount of Photoshop used for the story was just about right, a dress was indeed needed, so I'll leave it for another time as the man on my chest was far more important than the whole lost-in-the-woods scheme. 
For those who still haven't figured it out - it's Karl Lagerfeld. (As said in the title, and once again - clearly shown hanging around my neck) If you remember (and you should, cause Karl's an icon) (& when you look at it, a brand all by himself) this necklace was produced a year or so ago, at a price of Kenzo's right now it-sweaters.
So instead of forgetting about it, I decided to use my imagination and DIY. And it turned out amazing - since I'm not the DIY type so much. (Patience is not my thing)
Okay, let's move on. I bought these over-the-top Lana Del Rey H&M leggings a while ago (Well, actually, I bought them as soon as I saw the ad) (I even chased my size all over town) and then realized I don't have a sweater to wear them with. (Well, I have sweaters, but since I'm not that 'leggings are pants' kind of gal, I had to find a different kind of sweater) 
So Sheinside sent me this cutie pie and now I'm all done. I'm lovin' the all-black thing vs. colored-splashed leggings. 

And not to forget - what you're seeing today is my hair au naturale. (I think that's a first!) I usually straigten it or wear it in a ponytail/chignon/bun but today, for some unknown reason, stopped resisting and let it be. (And it's not even that bad)

Sheinside sweater, H&M leggings, Humanic boots, H&M hat, DIY necklace, tailored coat


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