WLL's #1 B-DAY

Monday, September 3, 2012

This week we're celebrating WLL's first birthday. It's already been a year since I started doing this crazy thing, and to be honest - it was one of the best things I've done.
It started out as nothing more than a joke - it was not even my idea, but it was my friend who wrote a comment on one of my photos on FB "You should open a fashion blog." 
And so I did. 
It's been a year and yeah, I've changed haircuts - you've seen me rocking everything from the pixie cut to bangs, and now, finally - high buns. But not only that changed - I see the world quite differently than I did last September, I'm outta high school and heading to college, and I'm in love as fashion as much as anyone could be.
I have to thank tens of thousands of you who read the blog - whether you do it once in a while, or you're hardcore fans and leave me sweet messages, beautiful comments saying how much you love this and that. I am amazed by how many times you click on th blog, it enabled me to collaborate with some amazing people and to see and experience a lot, and I expect so much more to happen in the future. Love ya. Really.
And also, thanks thanks thanks to my crew who I adore. (and who do the diry work haha)

Now let's blow some candles and eat some cake. 

Ohhh I almost forgot - I put together a little let's-go-over-the-past-year-in-pictures collage of my favourite outfits. 


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