What I snapped: #6

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We shot these photos some four hours ago but I couldn't resist showing them to you ASAP as I'm kinda totally-not-being-modest-at-all in love with them. I don't know if there's a better feeling than being deeply gratified with what you've done knowing that, from the beginning, it's been your work one hundred percent.
What I always look for in a photo, whether it's a part of editorial or a single shot, is that it has to make you react in some way - whether you say it's grotesque, beautiful, or it brings up a memory or just reflects a feeling. To me, these are far too familiar to bring out feelings, (cause, you know, I've been looking at them for so long now) (Photoshop is a bitch that way) but I do associate them with both RNR and apocalypse at the same time. (Which is both a reason to be worried and pleased, I think) (But they make me react somehow, and that's the important part) 

Oh, and thanks to Nina. I know you've already seen her here a couple of times, but we just can't stop shooting together. And isn't she just oh so gorgeous? 


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