Look of the day: BARBECUE

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yesterday's outfit a.k.a what I wore to a barbecue which turned into an all-nighter. Just to quickly explain the weird photos (though I kinda like them) (but that's probably just the too-much-staring-into-the-screen effect) - we wanted to shoot at a different location but a bunch of kids decided to practice some bad hip-hop moves there, and it was dark before we could figure out where to shoot instead. So these were shot at eightish I think, but I really like the sky and the sudden bursts of light in some of them. 
I know you're expected to wear your favourite tracksuit to these kind of events, but I think we already established I'm not that kind of gal. This is the most toned-down outfit I could think of. Thank God for Converse. 

H&M collections top, Benetton blazer, Mustang jeans, Converse, vintage necklace from Sarajevo, H&M earrings, Ray Ban sunnies, Aldo bag

Oh, and big thank you to everyone who sent in sweet comments about the new blog design. I also fixed all the bugs some of you complained about. (sorry bout that, I'm not a programmer and it's all try and see for me at the moment, but I do my best) 


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