Hello fall...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, here's the recipe for fall:
pick the perfect shade of strong, dark lipstick, find yourself a gorgeous man, enjoy some new silhouettes and act as you're a born aristocrat. 

Not such a big deal, huh?
Okay, let's be serious for just a moment (cause if I really wanted my blog to be all serious, I would be writing about Toddlers & Tiaras) and talk about what fall's offering. And that, to be completely blunt, is a lot. You can be as picky as you wish, you'll still be able to put your finger on that one trend that you'll love and cherish until the flowers bloom somewhere in March and you stop throwing so much fabric on your body yet once again.

This season it's all about finding proportions that suit you - if you're rather slender, you can play with trends like combining a wide long skirt with a loose sweater (so often seen on runways) and if you're curvy you can slip into a peplum top paired with a just-right pair of leather pants. As long as you're sure which route you wanna take this season, you're able to explore all the options. And by route I mean just think of what mood you want to set for yourself - is it fierce, feminine, bold, rich? 
For me, fall's gonna be about less color, more sharpness put into looks, and tailored, polished pieces. My ultimate to-buy items right now are:
a pair of perfect ankle boots, a great black leather bag, peplum dress and a rich dark, feminine coat. 

 Let's take it from the top, shall we?
1) Editorial from Vogue Japan November (via fashioncopious)
2) Editorial from Vogue Paris October (via fgr)
3) Peplum trend on the runway (via popsugar)
4) Isabel Marant sneakers (via tumblr
5) Dark, bold lips... Gucci, Viktor and Rolf (via fashionmagazine)
6) Editorial from Vogue Russia October (via fgr)
7) Dannijo x Calypso Statement Jewelry Collection (via tumblr)
8) All white trend... Lynd Evon, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang (via harpersbazaar.com)
9) Gucci ad (via fgr)
10) Mary Jane shoes... Michael Kors, Miu miu, Prada (via Buro247.hr)
11) Streetstyle... Miroslava Duma (via Stockholmstreetstyle)
12) Trend - Aristocracy... Jason Wu, JCrew, Michael Kors (via harpersbazaar.com)


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