Saturday, August 25, 2012

If you started reading the title and thought I'm such a big fan of Lil Wayne that I'm gonna do a post about him... well, no. (And don't ever expect me to) Just no. For the sake of it, don't ever expect me to do a post about a pop star. (Yeah, yeah, I know he's not singing pop songs, but it's all starting to sound the same, doesn't it?)

The last couple of days have been quite a rollercoaster and, to be honest, I didn't have a slightest intention to be occupied with the blog. I did have time, the energy was missing. Power-saving mode? Maybe.
I think it was just that my horoscope wasn't that full of sunshine as usual. But karma will do its job and I'll be on track soon, I guess. So, to finish this completely out-of-the-blue and completely incomprehensible post - it's for me. Ha! Selfish. Uterrly. Lil things = things that make me happy.
They'll probably cheer you up, too - if so, leave me cute comments. (Those will be much appreciated)

When I feel down, the first thing I do when I go out (whether it's a coffee date or school or something else) is I wear high heels. They change how you walk and sometimes, they can also change how you see the world.
Also, this photo was taken during a photoshoot at Pag this summer - we got up at dawn to get the most out of photos and it was one of the funniest, most perfect mornings filled with runing in heels, eating breakfast at the beach and changing outfits in the middle of the street.
Memories meet future - kinda.

This was actually shot a few days ago after I got home from a four-day sleepover at my friend's house. Getting your hair braided by your friends and having the perfect hairdo for the day? Uh huh, magic. (Thanks Ana ;))

My stack of Vogue issues. Well, actually this is one part of the stack, the one I was using to get the inspiration lately... If I tried to get a shot of all the issues, I should probably do it from the helicopter.
Okay, the point: (although I don't know if it this really needed a caption) ultimate pleasure.

You all know about the new trend... it actually started as a summer thing, but I think it's gonna last much longer. Friendship bracelets.
I here have some atypical ones, but I don't think it's the material that matter, but the meaning.

Ohhh, and for the end - a night shot of PrimoŇ°ten. I stummbled upon this one a few days ago when I was looking for some other photo and it reminded me of good times, bad times, spontanity (as it wasn't a plan to shoot the city, but my crew on the beach while we were having fun... so in the end, I was lying on the beach completely still - no tripod - to capture the beatuy) and travels I have planned for the future.

The only thing left for me to do is to turn up the music and start dancing. ;)


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