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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think I have a new favourite photo from the blog - this last one is just captivating. I'm not saying this because I'm arrogant or egocentric, but because I would very much like to share what my idea of greatness is here on the blog and I always appreciate you telling me your favourite images are - it's fascinating how everyone has their own point of what the best capture was. 

So for me, this is a great photo, because of the movement captured. When I do shoots for the blog, (usually it's with my friend Maja, but there are several people who step in from time to time) I keep it relaxed and casual and what we shoot in a short period of time is sometimes a great material for the blog, and sometimes I just store the photos on my PC and they never see the light of the day. 
But with time, and especially on Pag where we had plenty of time in our hands, we happend to capture some really great things - what's really making me happy is that it was not staged or done intentionally, in this very right shot I was just checking if someone was coming and Maja captured it perfectly. Add a little Photoshop, and there you have it... 

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