Look of the day: SUNRISE

Thursday, July 19, 2012

As you're reading this I'm headed back to the seaside, this time to an island called Murter. There are several posts all waiting for you and I'm planning on taking so many photographs you'll be envious and deeply in love at the same time. (At least I hope so) (Okay, let's just wait for me to come back, huh?)

I'll try to post while I'm there, but you never know what kind of internet connection you'll find on the coast. (Or will you find it at all) (With my luck, there will be no internet + no power at the same time)

Have a lovely week everybody!


Aaaaaand my memory fails me every single time. (I told you this would happen, I told you I would forgot to write half of the post at some point ;))
What you're seeing is another set of photos taken on the island of Pag. I love this bridge - it's especially impressive in the morning when you can see the sun rising on the horizon - just were the sea and the sky meet. I miss taking the much-early dips in the sea with my friends that were both a necessity and a pleasure after partying all night long.

Benetton skirt, H&M top, Zara heels, Swatch watch, Six earrings (thanks Nina <3)

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