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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm all mixed feelings right now - you know? So happy because I had the best prom ever but at the same time sad because it's all over. My hairdo is no longer lasting, I took my make up off and the dress, the heels and the accessories are neatly put in my closet. 
When I first started thinking about how I want to look at prom, I had a sliiiightly different idea than how it all actually turned out. My ultra glam dress didn't really seem so appropriate for a high school event and I decided to save the design for some other occasion. 
After careful consideration and a loooot of hours spent browsing all kinds of internet spaces where one goes to relax and dream, I narrowed my choice to the color green. The thought was to do a really romantic, but yet an edgy look. That's why when I did sketch the final design I decided that the skirt will be flowy and really simple so it won't steal the show from the corset - I loved the idea of playing with the fabric to get the draping in a way it almost looks like a braid. It took a lot of work and quite a few fittings to get the final look - my seamstress did an amazing job, as usual, and I couldn't be happier.
When it comes to the accesories - the bag was actually the first thing I bought, before the dress was even in the process of being made. I love the black and gold details and the shape is amazing - so 1920s.
After came the earrings. First I thought of black rich long earrings, but I needed to give the look a twist, and as I'm so in love with anything feathery, is there anything better than this pair?
The shoes - ohhh, another story. I found another pair online and intended to order them, but they sold out that day and were never again in stock. But, it was actually a great thing I didn't order those, no matter how insanely cute they looked. These Zara heels are much more me. When my friends saw them, they said I couldn't have found a better pair... So true!

Okay, I'm gonna stop talking now and leave you with the photos... 


Ohhhh and I'm wearing...
Handmade dress (design by me), Zara bag and heels, Asos necklace, H&M earrings

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