Look of the day: GREEN PARKA

Monday, June 11, 2012

I don't know why but these photos remind me of the seaside and to myself I  look like a tourist. Maybe it's because it's been raining on and off for several hours now and my perception of things is totally distorted. (I'm rambling) (Bla bla bla me no likey rain) (Well, at least not when I'm outside) 
I'm so happy to show you my new parka - I've been looking for a perfect fit for such a long time and my friends have heard so much about my frustrations over the months when I was looking and still couldn't find it. And then one day I went on a little shopping trip with my dad - et voila! It's perfect for rainy days in summer.
Okay, I really gotta go now. My prom's tomorrow - I have to get my beauty sleep ;) (You'll get all the photos on Wednesday - hugeeeee post!)

H&M denim shirt, S Oliver shorts, 3 Suisses shoes, Topshop bag, Tom Tailor parka, Asos necklace, H&M, Accessorize and vintage bracelets


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