Fashionista crush: MODELS OFF DUTY

Sunday, June 3, 2012

For those of you asking about where I've been - you know I'm really responsible when it comes to running the blog, but this week has been a complete mess and although my finals ended on Thursday, I am dealing with some personal stuff that's neither positive or trivial, so I apologize for not being all-present.
Instead of the usual Look of the day posts, which will be back at the end of the week, I'm gonna do two Fashionista crush posts that I have been longing to do for some time now. Here's the first one...

Everyone has their own favourite models. Some of my friends don't even watch the shows because of the clothes but to look at the models - to see who is the new it face and also to check the familiar ones. I was never a person who dreamed about working in the casting business so when you ask me which of the uprising stars is my favourite on the catwalk right now, I politely point the conversation in a different direction such as, you know, shoes, bags and everything nonalive but so pretty.
For me, models are rather a way to display clothes - much better than the racks as you can see the clothes in motion, which is as important to buyers as is to editors, than the main point of fashion, although today the make up, the backstage photos and the streetstyle photographers make them bigger stars than ever. 
I think when you look at thousands of photos weekly like many fashion people do, you start to develop this sense that when you see a certain photo from the runway, you instantly think "I love this person"/"I hate this person". It's not just about the looks, (although I have an insane crush on cheekbones) but also so much about the vibe. Your mind connects the image from the runway to a random streetstyle photo you've seen before and you create a certain character in your mind - that's why Karlie Kloss is so big at the moment, it's that her charisma translates so well in every aspect of the fashion world and no matter how fed up you might be because she's everywhere, you'll still appreciate seeing her on the runway or in an editorial as she's the ballet dancer meets perfect girl next door beauty. 
That's why I have to tell you I'm by all means biased when it comes to picking my favourite models in terms of off duty style. Whether I like them on the runway is strongly connected to whether I'm gonna pick up their street style looks. However, there are still a lot of girls I love that are too minimalistic for me in their clothing choices off the runway and that are not in the group of girls I'm featuring today.

& here's the mighty five - Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karlie Kloss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr and Liu Wen.

(Credits: tumblr, Altamira, Jak & Jill, Vanessa Jackman, The Sartorialist)


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