Fashionista crush: AURORA SANSONE

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay, as I'm packing and I'm no superwoman when it comes to that activity - quite the opposite, actually - I'll have to momentarily introduce you to Aurora Sansone. (Who I instantly liked because she has such a pretty name) (I have a thing for names which start with the letter "A") (We gotta talk about that s-o-o-n)
She's a stylist. She's Italian. She's part of the Dello Russo team. Actually, if Viviana Volpicella is Anna's right hand, then Aurora's the brain of the operation. To simplify: Fashion editor at Vogue Nippon. (Coulda have started with that, huh?)
Love how her style is way more minimalistic than Viviana and Anna's. Love that she loves maxi dresses. (As I'm no stranger to those) Love that she's not afraid of color. (Me me me!)

Love her? I know you would!


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