Thursday, May 24, 2012

Okay, three things. (Maybe more, I don't really know how to spell or count anymore, I have so much caffeine in my body I'll either faint or fall asleep right now) (See? Not even making sense)
I'm in the middle of my finals, look like a complete mess and have no power, no enthusiasm, no nothing. I just wanna watch bad romantic comedies and eat too much pop corn.
Tomorrow's the second part of my Croatian exam, the first was a total catastrophe, just like when Kim Kardashian lost her earring in the ocean and she went completely nuts. The scene was equal in drama to that one. (If you're asking yourself how do I even know that or have come to compare the two... I'm shrugging)
So wish me luck and fingers crossed at 9am Croatian time.

In the middle of all that madness I've started to think about clothes for a minute every half an hour or so and I found my comfort in tulle. (And pink and sequins, but I already told you about all that)
You know I've had a few obsessions over the time (well, that's an understatement) and you've already figured tulle is one of them. I always call tulle skirts tutus because it sounds cute and I feel like a princess when I say that. Two years ago I made myself a tutu and it's not as beautiful as those in the collage, but it's pretty damn good for a person who doesn't really know how to sew.
And these pretty little things in the collage, well, I don't know what to say about them except that if I had a thousand dollars to spare at the moment, that D&G/Marc Jacobs would be mine in a minute and I would probably wear it for three monts every day of the week no matter what the occassion would be. And, I mean seriously, that Alberta Ferretti gorgeousness, it's like a half of the wedding dress - just like that.

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