Look of the day: BLUE SUMMER

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm having a small study break - I just finished with maths for today and I'm starting with economics, so you know - why not use the time wisely? 
I wore this yesterday to my sister's birthday party. Love it how I can finally wear dresses without the need to put tights underneath. The sun had much to do with me being overly cheerful these days. :)

After the horrible test I had on Wednesday, the only sane thing to do was to go shopping and take my mind off of all the facts I've been trying to remember for the last week or so. I found this lovely dress at H&M - I really love the cut, it's one of my favourite for the summer. Also, I realized I purchased two blue dresses in the last week alone and I have never been a fan of blue before. (Well, at least not when it comes to clothing) I think it has to do with the shades of blue - I know, every color has different shades and you can find 100 different hues of red, but I think blue is one of the colors where every shade is just so temptive. You can see that in this ocassion alone I'm wearing three different shades of blue and they go perfectly together. Ahhh, it feels good to have something for summer in your closet that actually doesn't involve print. 

H&M dress and necklace, Repetto ballet flats, Acessorize bag, Ray Ban sunglasses


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