Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I don't know is it because of the whole summer thing that's so happening right now in Zagreb (Yucks) or is it because I'm the opposite of motivated or inspired (School) (Yucks) that I constantly dream about something these days. One day it's the perfect relationship, the next the perfect month of just travelling round the world, and the other it's interiors. I'm not someone who is obsessed with interior design (I much rather fantasize about perfect chocolate mousse), but I do have my moments when it's all sofas & no dresses. 
I've changed my preferences over the years (Don't I sound just like a real pro?!) and gone from dark wood to no wood, from bright colors to all white spaces and have also became a huge gadget freak. I have a thing for little things placed perfectly on wide open surfaces. (If I'm not being totally clear, imagine a long white board that acts like a half shelf/half table placed in front of huge, ceiling-to-floor windows that holds only a black pot with a small cacti in it) (Now add an iPad) (See? Perfection) 

My mom would probably, if she were home right now, tell me I can't spend so much time writing this as my finals are really near and I'm the champion of laziness. And she is right. So I'm leaving you with plenty of gorgeous photos to keep you company! ;)

source: tumblr


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