Thinking 'bout... SUMMER

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I don't know why I'm constantly thinking about summer... (Maybe, and just maybe it's because I can actually  not do anything for like three months?) (But I'm sure it's not that)
Also, I'm constantly thinking about prints on swimmwear pieces and what a great statement piece they make when you are actually in great need of a statement piece. (You know, because you're not wearing much more than the bikini or the suit) (And flip flops) (I gotta find some super cute studded flip flops) (But no pressure - they only have to be black or pink) (And have a bow) (I'm sure I'll find something like that somewhere between heaven and my dreams)

These are my favourites up 'til now aka the end of April when there's not much you can really pick from, especially when it comes to high street brands. 
1 Missoni, 2 & 3 Topshop, 4 Panel One, 5 We Are Handsome, 6 Mara Hoffman



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