Look of the day: LITTLE BLACK DRESS

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Okay, first I have to apologize for not having any april fools jokes for you guys, I am really good at these in action, (You know, in real life) (With prompts and stuff) but it turnes out not so much in writing. Or doing blog posts. Or whatever.
But you can take my awful face expressions on the photos above as a joke, I have been doing that for an hour or so already. (It's not really working)

Also, I'm kind of freaking out because it's already April 1, which means all that's left of my high school life is a month and a half. Ahhhh, and that feels really abrupt. (You know, I don't feel like Christmas is gone yet) 

And one other thing, today I'm in a battle called Lucija vs. (Waiiit, can I type about what internet browser do I use?!) (It's Chrome) (Okay, I'm not so sure, so I'll leave it in a bracket) (What's in the brackets is even more important but does not exist) Internet browser - it's really anoying. Everything's blinking, then it just stops working, and I'm feeling like I'm training a monkey to play the flute. (Can monkeys even do that?) (I just remembered, I want some popcorn!!) (=> Short attention span) 

I don't know who this turned out to be, well, this... Maybe it's just that I haven't been sleeping for a long time now. (& miss taking photos sooo much) (See? Short attention span)

Zara dress, H&M jacket, Asos necklace, Aldo shoes


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