Look of the day: CHINA TOWN

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I spent a part of today at the zoo (I'm a kid when it comes to stuff like that) (Well, I'm a kid when it comes to most of the stuff, but I like to pretend it's just some) and it was super über amazing. (Well, only if I stop thinking about all the snakes I saw and how they could strangle me in every way imaginable) (Brrrrr!!)
The other part of the day I spent sipping coffee at another amazing place, but we'll talk about that in the next post (Better said: tomorrow)... I am equally in love with both parts of my day so I decided they deserve a post each. (I guess life happens when there's no school) 
So, today I'll talk about how amazing the zoo was... 
First, I gotta say: I love animals. They cheer me up and I always act like a silly fool trying to get them to notice me so I can take great photos. (That's why I'm so happy, I finally had time to shoot again) 
In the end I didn't shoot as much as I expected because time flies when you're trying to get animals to listen to you, (& having fun, but mostly the first thing) but I still got some amazing photos to show to you.
And there's also, well, me. (So there you go - fashion & photography - my two biggest passions, all in one!) (Ohhhh, I'm so happy right now ;))

Part 1 - Photography... Et voila!! (Mini owl is my favourite) (& Meerkats, I love them, they act as though they are telling you to loosen up and at the same time pose for me!!)

Part 2... Fashion!! (Don't you love the mini China town?! So cute!!)

H&M pants (from the Girl with the Dragoon Tatoo collection), Esprit shirt, 3 Suisses baseball jacket, Högl sneakers, Topshop bag, Ray Ban sunnies


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