Friday, April 6, 2012

I spent most of today redecorating my room (read: getting rid of unnecessary stuff & putting more cool stuff on the shelves) and I have to tell you, I found some real treasures there, such as photos from the time when I was 10 and had a great b&w dress that I wore with a green umbrella, or even better from three years ago when I looked completely different and had long long hair. (Ohhh, those were the times!!)
And I figured, why not show you sneak peaks of my room since today's signature was some nasty weather which made me hair all frizzy. (Really hate that)

Okay, soooo, what are you looking at, you ask?
YSL glasses, a wallet with a postcard print (gifted)
Haruki Murakami's 1Q84, mask from Venice
H&M dress
Asos necklace, H&M bag
Disco ball (gifted) and a poster from the Portobello Market
Inspirational board, jewelry boxes (gifted)
What is it above my bed 
My jewelry (well, this is one part of the pile)

Ohhh, and do you like the effect I used for the photos? It's called "Purple mid tone vintage" and I love how everything looks even more beautiful. 


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