Look of the day: SPARKLY SHOES

Friday, March 16, 2012

You know, I love these shoes so much they deserve their tale to be told. (Ohhhh, I'm getting good at this) (You know, telling stories dramatically)
Soooo, when I was a little girl (and I gotta tell you, it's not that I remember that) (I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday) (So, no, it's not possible for me to know what happened some time ago) (I hope they figure out the formulas for the pills soon) I used to do all sorts of things - jewerly, knits and stuff, some with my mom, some with my grandma, some alone or with friends. I also colored and painted way too much and always put up little shows for my family and they would sit through the whole show and then they were expected to aplaud me for ages - it was hilarious. (at least that's what I'm told)
So, to sum up (you weren't expecting me to say that ever, right?!), I was a creative little person. As I am very very very busy trying to be as smart as possible and shoot as many photos as possible and do as much great posts as possible (I do loads of stuff, yep) I cannot do all those things, but when I get tired of the same  shops in Croatia & after I realize most of my favourite online shops don't ship to Croatia (which happens frequently), I decide to DIY. (actually it's Do It Myself, but it would just look weird)
These shiny/sparkly/glittery/pretty/awesome shoes were a project I was working on for a loooooong time. (The amount of the letter o I put in there is not merely enough) After I was done, I had serious back pains + could quote all the episodes of season 1 Grey's Anatomy + had sequins and several needles all over my bedroom floor. But, I was also insanely happy because these shoes, 2 years later, are still my favourite. 

And this post is also special because this is the first time you get to see some spontaneous photos in the post - if you haven't realized it yet, no. 3 & 5...  So, that how I act normally. How says I'm being all serious all the time now? Ha?! ;) 

H&M top and bag, Benetton blazer and shorts, shoes by me 

Have an amazing weekend everybody!!


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