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Monday, March 5, 2012

On Saturday my real birthday party finally took place - although the birthday was somehow celebrated 2 months later, we all agreed the party was one of the best we've ever been to. (I know you're all reading this - I love you so much)
The food was great (thanks mom, thanks dad, thanks the catering company), the wine was superb and the music was just too loud. Enough said, right?! 

Once again I found my dress less than 24 hours before the party... After browsing through tons of clothes in several stores I walked into a vintage shop without any expectation and found this gorgeous dress. It was too long for my taste so I had it altered and I gotta say, I love how elegant it feels... So there's your explanation for the title ;)

Ohhhh, and to explain the photos - the lighting was perfect on Saturday afternoon + I had too much fun playing in Photoshop this time. These are probably my favourite photos for the blog up to now!!


I had a great idea for a while now for the feature you can see on the right side of the blog - it's called "I'm currently wearing" and using Instagram this way you'll always be updated on what I'm wearing at the moment, even if it doesn't end up in some of the posts... Cool, huh?
Just click on the photo to find me on Instagram ;)

Aaaaaand I'm wearing:
Vintage dress, gifted earrings and tiara (thank you sweeties!!), Topshop shoes, H&M pearl bracelet and vintage bracelet from Sarajevo

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