Look of the day: MOM'S POCKET WATCH

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I don't know what got into me, but today I found myself dreaming about spring. Totally dumbstruck, I looked around to see if anyone noticed I'm going nuts and than returned to my thoughts.
Only this wild cold can turn me into a crazy summer lover. (That's why the photos are once again taken in my house, it's absolutely impossible to take off all the layers everyone's wearing these days somewhere outside) (Too much wool for my taste, but noone even cares any more, if it's warm enough - that's it) (So you end up seeing too many ninja-likes on the streets - I can't decide what's the better name for that sort of people - Anonymous or Ninja?!) (So I end up using both, hilarious) (Not so much when I use 'so' so much - see?!) (You lost? Yeah, me too.)

Sooooo, (you should see me in person, all you hear are 'btws' and 'honeys') (one day I bet there'll be rehab for those sorts of things) in order to get myself back on track, I shall take some photos in the snow tomorrow or better said freeze to the point where my fingers stop aching and I feel nothing. (I almost wrote Toodles!, but it would be too much, right?) (Okay. Enough. Talking. Bye.)


Ohhhh and I'm wearing:
Vintage jacket, shirt by me, Mexx jeans, H&M glitter socks, ALDO shoes, Topshop bag, Swarovski earrings & my mom's pocket watch. 

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